Wednesday, April 30, 2014

My Mouth Is Sore, Need Food Ideas

Hey guys I don’t usually ask stupid questions online. I usually just google for an answer but my problem is kind of weird and I can‘t find a solution. I’ve been looking for a good protein shake or natural meal replacement  shake that doesn’t irritate your mouth too much for my girlfriend and me. My mouth is kind of sore and I’m having problems moving it. I looked for liquid meals people eat after going to the dentist but the answers don’t quite match what’s going on with me. Any ideas?

[UPDATE] Well since a few people asked let me clarify what’s going on a little bit more.

I’ll start from the beginning and maybe you guys can give me some suggestions. Last weekend A few of my friends and me went to a music festival and one of my friends is really into some weird hippy stuff lol. He’s a cool guy but just a bit out there. Anyways he gave use some rolls to enjoy the music better. All good. The show was awesome and I really enjoyed the music. I was rolling pretty hard so it sounded fantastic. It was literally the best x I’ve ever taken. My hippy friend has some dope connects lol. One of my other friends used to have a drug problem (he’s been cool for the past 3 years though) but whenever he does a substance he kind of goes into crackhead mode and wants to do more. Well after the show he wanted to keep partying and kept asking my hippy friend where the after party was, you know, so he could find weed or whatever and keep partying. My hippy friend said we should go to the house where he bought the x from. He’s really good friends with the guys there and they’re cool peeps. Usually I’d say no to going to some shady drug house at 2 in the morning but I was still rolling hard so I was like whatever.

Well we drive out into the middle of nowhere and there’s this two story house with some broken down cars and junk all around it. So we get out of the car and my hippy friend leads us to the back of the house. We get around back and there’s a few people standing around chilling but I immediately notice the music thumping. It’s like some really sick growling sub bass just pulsating. We walk inside and you could literally feel the music vibrating your body. I mean it wasn’t loud it was just really really deep sub bass. We get inside and everything is blacklights but I can make out a home made DJ booth that looks crazy that has the music coming from it. It’s surrounded by candles and has some sort of animal skull with horns attached to it. I look up and the DJ has a hoody on  but I notice his eyes are completely bugged out and he’s grinding his teeth pretty hard. I look around and everyone else at the party has the same thing going on. Bugged out eyes and teeth grinding. But everyone is super chill. No questions asked just sitting there going with the music not speaking. Anyways my friend who used to have the drug problem is bugging my hippy friend about where he can score some weed. My hippy friend tells him to hold on for a sec he‘ll find the guy. Meanwhile my other friends are kind of freaked out by the whole thing and one of them whispers to me that the people here are super weird and they’re going back to chill at the car. So they leave. My hippy friend comes back and asks where everyone else went and I told him. He’s like whatever and tells me and my other friend to follow him.

We go to the second story into a room that has this crazy looking guy who’s wrapped himself in a blanket like a burrito lol. My friends buy some weed from this burrito guy and as we’re about to leave he offers us a line. I don’t ever snort anything so I’m like no thanks. The burrito dude goes “No no this is different. This isn’t what you think it is. You take this and it’ll let you hear inside the music.” and gives me this crazy bug eyed look. I’m like wtf but my two other friends take a line and you know I’m kind of ashamed to admit it but I got peer pressured into doing one. I was still feeling good from the x earlier so I was open and trusting unfortunately. The second I take the line it feels like battery acid is dripping down the back of my throat. My head starts spinning and I feel like I’m going to black out. I actually think I did black out because next thing I know I’m outside the house being escorted to the car by my friends. I’m not sure what happened. But I can hear the music and it’s still pulsating really deep but I can hear a whisper. I know it’s weird but I can hear like a voice almost. My friends take me to the car and for some reason peel out of there. We left my hippy friend and my other friend there. My friends didn’t tell me why. I was kind of out of it though. They dropped me off at me and my girlfriend’s house and that’s the last I’ve heard from any of them or the other guys.       

Well it’s been about a week since that happened and I haven’t felt right since. My appetite is completely gone and I think the drugs may have something to do with it.  Anytime I hear music I can hear whispering behind it and I get that same weird body vibration that makes you grind your teeth. I was grinding my teeth so bad for the first couple days and they were hurting terribly so I decided to pull them out with some pliers. It really hurt at first but I banged my head against the wall a few times and it felt better when I pulled them out. I had a weird feeling my girlfriend was feeling the same way so when she came home later that day I banged her head a few times against the wall then pulled out her teeth for her. I knew she would be too much of a wuss to do it on her own lol. She’ll thank me later. She’s been sleeping on the floor in the other room for a few days now. I kind of want to wake her up since she’s been out for so long but I know she works long hours so she’s probably just catching up on sleep.

Anyways when she wakes up she’ll probably want something to eat too. Like I said my mouth is really sore and keeps bleeding. I’m thinking like a chocolate peanut butter smoothie with whey protein. How does that sound? You think I’ll get enough nutrition from that?