Friday, January 3, 2014

The Rainbow Serum

Hi, I know you were emailing me about mental illness in your family history and you were especially worried about your mother‘s side of the family. You know she died right after you were born due to complications from the pregnancy. Well at least that’s what your family told you. I was friends with your mother for many years leading up to the winter before you were born and not many people know she participated in a clinical study before she realized she was pregnant. It was code named The Rainbow. The company that ran the trials went out of business shortly after the study and all of the research was lost. But I have a friend who worked as a secretary there before they closed. She had kept an old file cabinet full of company tax papers for the IRS to look over but the IRS never showed up so she moved it into her basement. Anyways a few years ago she was cleaning out her basement when she rediscovered the file cabinet. She took out all the papers and threw them away but when she was doing this she accidentally ripped out the last drawer and found an old floppy disk underneath it. She sent the floppy disk to me knowing I could recover the data off of it. Most of the files were corrupted but I did manage to pull a few documents off of it. I’ve attached them to this email. They don’t make any sense to me but maybe you can decipher them. I hope they can help you in some way with the trouble you‘ve been having with bright lights.

Love, Lucy

Doc. 234a
It is well known that humans can’t see all the colors that exist on the color spectrum. For example humans are incapable of seeing non-visible light such as  infrared and ultraviolet light. Our chemist have formulated an injectable proprietary blend in the lab named FHC 114 that allows humans to see beyond the visible spectrum by mutating the cone cells in the eyes. Preliminary animal trials of FHC114 have met the safety standards for human trial. The following is the results of a 18 month human clinical trial on 16 subjects…  

(The rest of the document is unreadable due to file corruption)

Doc. 10g

(The document is a pamphlet made to be printed for advertisement in what appears to be doctor offices. It has various pictures of men, women, and children wearing glasses smiling happily)

We here at Lumacorp are committed to the highest quality of glasses and contacts available on the market today. Every year our researchers are hard at work using the latest technology to improve the world’s eyesight.

Doc. 734r

(The document is almost fully corrupted except for a few lines)

…genetic mutation in the monkey test subjects was never confirmed. Cone cell mutation has been passed to the monkey offspring but there seems to be no complications as of this time except for the aversion to bright light. We suspect it is only a minor correlation in the research history to the mice test subjects being agitated briefly by high intensity bright light before the incidents...

Doc. 221j

Clinician Check-Up Report
Human subjects 8 and 9 have reported euphoria for the past month. In fact all subjects have reported an increase in happiness and general well-being. It is my recommendation that we should notify our parent company and perhaps market FHC114 in pill form as an anti-depressant.

Doc. 321y

Internal Memo
Human test subject 8 autopsy reveals no neurological or physical changes. Cause of death is ruled accidental: driver error. All injections for the remaining test subjects will continue on the 3rd day of every month.

Doc. 984t

(The document is corrupted except for a few scattered lines of text)

psych-ward procedures mandate eye bandage changes every day…
no sharp objects allowed…
but the following intravenous feeding schedule since the subjects refuse to eat or drink…
test subject’s family compensation under review by company law firm…
opiate dispensing schedule…

Doc. 786r

Human Test Subject 6 Psychological Evaluation Transcript

P: How would you describe the colors we talked about last time?

6: Well I can’t. There aren’t words to describe what I’m seeing since I’ve begun the injections. How would you describe the number three unless it was by objects that represent the idea of three? What is three by itself though with out the symbol or objects to represent it? That’s how these colors are. The hue of bright daylight is incredible. And night is deep very deep. I can see… see everything. There aren’t words to describe these colors. We haven’t invented the words yet. We will though. The poets will.

P: How have you been feeling these past few weeks?

6: Incredible. Euphoric I feel like the universe is opening up to me. I’m so blessed to be able to see all these colors no other human even realizes are around them. And it’s like I’m starting to be able to see more. Almost like I can see through these new colors to something else inside of them! Like the colors are a shell. 

P: I’ve heard you recently decided to divorce?

6: Yes. How could I stay with someone who doesn’t understand the true beauty of the world around us?

P: Some of your friends and co-workers have described your moods as, and  I’m quoting here, manic.

6: Ha! No! No! They just don’t understand a flower isn’t a flower and a star isn’t a star they are things which are apart of us. All of us. And I believe…

(The rest of the document is corrupted)

Doc. 116t

Internal Memo
Testing of FHC114 in the monkeys has been discontinued. Over night several of the monkeys attacked another one and cannibalized it. Preliminary autopsies reveal no neurological side effects from the serum. The root cause seems to be a strain flu they caught. The remaining test monkeys have been put down and their bodies cremated to prevent the spread of the virus. Although we didn’t reach the full term of the trial we feel that FHC114 is safe for human trials and we will begin next week with 16 human subjects.

Doc. 237h

 (The following document is a photocopy that has a police department seal at the top of it and has a handwritten note reading “shred” on the side of it)

As per your inquiry I was the lead investigator on the scene. Eyewitness reports contradict the official finding of driver error. Several witnesses saw the victim driving slowly on the wrong side of the road with what appeared to be blood running from his eyes before he accelerated and purposely crashed his car into the barrier. The fire that followed the wreck badly damaged the body so it’s impossible to confirm whether the victim’s eyes were damaged or not or if he had visual impairment. It is my personal belief that the driver committed suicide for unknown reasons.
    - Officer Ray Jenkins

Doc. 145p

Internal Memo
Human test subject 9 autopsy reveals no neurological changes but the subject’s eyes were gouged out with her own fingers. Cause of death is ruled suicide: drowning. All injections for the remaining test subjects will continue on the 3rd day of every month.

Doc. 233r

(The document is corrupted except for the final paragraph)

Of the 50 mice FHC114 was administered to only 10 survived to the end of the trial. The final 10 who survived spent the last week screeching and refusing to eat, drink, or sleep. Autopsies on their bodies revealed no neurological changes or physical toxicity but they had all clawed their eyes out rendering themselves blind. The decision to test FHC114 on human subjects may have been presumptuous given these new findings.   

Doc. 345t

(The document is corrupted except for a few lines)

…and it is my recommendation to halt the human trial of FHC114 and bring the three surviving test subjects into quarantine at the psych-ward of our facility. Please notify the law department…

Doc. 666f

(This document is corrupted and the remaining text is running as if the words appear to be crying on the page. A red handwritten note on the side of the document reads “shred“.)

…human test subject 13 was transported to the local hospital to induce birth after her suicide attempt. The psychologist was on hand at her bedside to interview her when she briefly came out of her coma. These are her only intelligible responses before she began screaming again and was sedated. 

Human Test Subject 13 Psychological Evaluation Transcript

P: Can you hear me?

13: Yes… my baby…

P: Everything is going to be okay. We are all here for you. The doctors have assured us your baby will be fine and healthy. Why did you gouge your eyes out? What triggered you to try and kill yourself?

13: inaudible reply

P: Please say that again. I couldn’t understand you.

13: You can’t see but I can see them now

P: Who can you see?

13: No… inaudible reply followed by screaming

~The Red Ghoul

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  1. Awesome. Loved the structure and imagery. Well done!