Sunday, January 5, 2014

Traffic Jam

I was stuck in 5 o’clock traffic today out on I-70. I mean it was brutal we weren’t even moving. A tractor trailer had smashed into a car and exploded debris all over the highway. So traffic was lurching along stop and go for about half a hour. There was a grey minivan a few car lengths in front of me that I noticed because the muffler seemed to be broke and it was spewing a lot of smoke out its tailpipe. The smoke was going all over the place and the cars behind it were going nuts trying to get away. Well just my luck I somehow end up right behind it and it was just billowing smoke into my car making me nauseous. I managed to get around it and I actually pulled up even with it in the next lane. I was irate. I had rolled down my window in the freezing cold to chew out the driver and tell him to get that hunk of junk off the road. So I look over ready to explode when I see the most beautiful blonde haired woman I’ve ever seen sitting in the passenger seat staring at me. And she’s giving me these doe eyes. It’s obvious she wants something from me. So I start smiling at her and mouthing stuff like “you’re beautiful” as we slowly move through the traffic. And she’s responding back with those eyes and mouthing something back to me. Finally there’s a pause where we come to a complete halt and I get a chance to see her fully. She leans against her window and blows her breath on it fogging it up and draws a heart. Then inside the heart she writes “stop them I’m not dead yet”. Then all of a sudden she lurches straight back into her seat and I see the driver. He’s wearing a black trench coat and his face is covered by a black hoodie. The only part of him I can actually see that's not covered is his hand on the steering wheel and I swear it’s a skeleton hand. Traffic speeds up almost instantaneously and the minivan pulls a way from me. I look over and see I’m passing the accident. They have a couple body bags loading them up and I catch a glimmer of blonde hair hanging out of one as they zip it up. I try to catch up to the minivan but it speeds away with black smoke pouring out of it as I get stuck behind a few cars. I have no idea where it was going but the lady inside of it didn’t seem to want to be in it. I hope she wasn’t kidnapped. 

~The Red Ghoul

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